Road Trip 2019 – Day 5 Part Two

Ok. We admit it. We didn’t really think this through. Today was the first day of summer. So, suffice to say, we were caught by surprise by today’s weather. We knew it would be chilly. We did not know it would snow! That’s right, I said snow.

By the time we entered Yellowstone through the East entrance, there were snow flurries. As we climbed higher the snow got a bit heavier and evidence of a recent snow was dripping from the trees and covering the ground. The sun went in and out all day which hampered some of our views. It, all in all, it was a pretty good day!

The smartest thing we did was purchase the Gypsy Guide app. As we drove through the park, the “guide” provided commentary on places to to view and even gave some historical context. It was like having our own park ranger in the car with us!!

We followed the road as prescribed and made many stops. We didn’t stop everywhere that was suggested- we’d probably still be in the park if we did!

Join me on a pictorial journey through Yellowstone National Park.

We were pretty surprised to see so much snow on the ground!
But the snow didn’t seem to phase the Buffalo!!
The first area we stopped at was in the mud volcano area.

The sights and smells reminded us of our trip to Iceland!

I won’t caption every picture. Just enjoy them!!

The Yellowstone River plunges 308 feet over the Lower Falls.
This picture the the next few are of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River.

The bubbling spring below is Beryl Spring, one of the hottest springs in Yellowstone – between 188.5 and 192 degrees Fahrenheit.

Sitting and waiting. What could be the cause of the delay?
Aha! A herd of buffalo. No worries. They should pass by soon.

Soon turned out to be about 30 minutes!!! There must have been at least 40 in the herd.

We entered West Yellowstone just after 5 pm. Time to stop for the night at the Elkhorn Inn. Mileage for the day was about 320 miles.

Tomorrow we will re-enter Yellowstone and head towards Grand Teton National Park.

One thought on “Road Trip 2019 – Day 5 Part Two

  1. I loved Yellowstone National Park when I went there years ago! Like you, I encountered “lots of adventures” there including a black bear family while walking down to have a “birthday picnic” under the waterfall with my daughter and an inquisitive elk who came up to the window of our car. Our grand finale was being caught in a blizzard with no knowledge of how to drive in snow and no way to turn around because the roads were closed behind us. Quite an experience to say the least…. Thanks for sharing yours and I’m glad you had a chance to visit this beautiful place!


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