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In August 2013 I attended the 33rd Annual IAJGS Convention, (International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies). I attended several lectures about writing family histories, took Mike Karsen’s “Legacy Pledge“, bought a book and spoke to many people about the best approach to use. The best advice was given to me was, “It’s better to print some stuff now than nothing EVER” So…prompted by that philosophy (and my brother, Dean) I have decided to publish this blog as a way to share information NOW while working on a multi-volume family history


2 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. Hi Deborah,I learned about your blog via Jana's Genealogy and Family History Blog.Reading it, it struck me that the Holman surname sounds very Dutch. Being Dutch myself, I was very much interested. I also have a blog with many genealogical subjects. One of my posts shows a survey of foreign genealogical blogs/sites showing Dutch origin surnames. The URL is http://www.patmcast.blogspot.com/2012/05/dutch-ancestors.html. The idea is to try and establish contacts between people who have an interest in the same surname. There are numerous cases in The Netherlands where people emigrated centuries ago without leaving a trace in Dutch archives. With my blog I try to bring Dutch and foreign (mainly US/CAN) genealogists together.Therefore, I like to have your permission to show your site in my a.m. blog.I look forward to your reaction!Kind regards,PeterPS A quick check revealed over 4600 hits in a major Dutch genealogical database!


  2. qtePeter,Thanks for your interest! From my research it appears the Holmans in my line (husband) were English. Of course, that doesn't preclude a Dutch connection previously, so you never know. I will definitely be checking out your blog as I do have a Dutch connection in my maternal line (perhaps not bloodline but connection nevertheless) My maternal great-grandfather, Herman Spiegel owned business in Java in late 1800s-early 1900s before returning to Vienna in 1908. Because my great-grandmother retained her Dutch citizenship after his death in 1911, she was able to flee to Holland with my mom and grandmother thereby avoiding imprisonment in concentration camps. They next went toUS ans awaited my grandfather's release from Buchenwald (1939) we were very lucky. Actually, my grandmother and her two siblings were born in Java….so maybe we ARE a little Dutch??Anyway , I do appreciate your interest. Of course you may reference my blog. I'm always excited at the prospect of some new connection.Have a great day,DebunqteDeborah,Thanks for your quick response! Your blog is now shown in the post I mentioned. I mentioned the surname Spiegel as being Dutch plus a remark about the (for the time being?) roots of the Holman name.If you don't mind I will quote yr email on your site so that people are aware of the background of both names.I hope some useful contacts will develop from mentioning yr blog.Thanks again,Peter


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