My Genealogy Presentations

1: Click here to view: Genealogy: An Overview

This presentation is intended for those who are just beginning (or have yet to start) their genealogical journey. Participants will gain an understanding of where to start, basic steps, and online sources. Participants will also gain an understanding of the process used when conducting genealogical research

2: Click here to view: Genealogy: Start with Yourself

This presentation is intended for those who have some understanding of genealogy. The Presentation covers pedigree charts and family group sheets, how to transfer this information to an online tree or standalone software program, using census and vital records (BMD- Birth, Marriage, Death) to further their research. NOTE: Some aspects of the original presentation (transitions, animations) do not work in this format.

3: Click here to view: Getting Started With Jewish Genealogy

Jewish genealogy presents some unique challenges but there are plenty of resources you can use. You will learn about some of these specific challenges and strategies to overcome them. Several free online websites will be explored as well as suggestions for offline research and networking.


4: Blogging: Sharing Your Family Story in Small Bytes – Presentation for the Jewish Genealogical Society of Connecticut (JGSCT), November 21, 2021. The talk is focused on those with little or no experience in blogging, but also provides tips for content and formatting for more experienced bloggers. (Approx 1 hour 15 minutes long)

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