Road Trip 2019 – Day 5 Part One

We started the day by visiting the Old Town Trail in Cody, Wyoming. This tourist attraction is actually pretty cool. The owners have created an Old Western town on the actual site of the town William “Buffalo Bill” Cody founded in 1895. The buildings are authentic structures gathered from locations around Wyoming and Montana.They were dissembled, moved, and carefully reassembled on site.

I particularly enjoyed this attraction because it helped me to put into context what life was like during that time period. As we walked through each log cabin, I couldn’t help but think about Scott’s great-grandmother, Catherine C. FitzAllen aka Catherine Seeley (and a bunch of other aliases!) The subject of my most recent book (not yet released to the public) Catherine and her husband William reportedly lived in Kansas around 1862 in a cabin probably very similar to those we walked through today!

Here’s a few pics from the “town.”

Of course I had to take a picture of the dollhouse! BTW we own a high chair that is quite similar to this one. It lowers into a rocker!!

A hearse! Notice the window so you could view the corpse!!!
The next few images are of a cabin once owned by a “woman of the night,”

Hope you enjoyed my little “tour.” Our 21st century lives are so much easier!!!

Part Two of Day 5 will cover our first day traveling through Yellowstone National Park.

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