A Glimpse of Our Family Through Mom’s Cards

In 2007, as part of our mother’s 75th birthday celebration, we arranged for her to receive 75 cards from friends and family. To make up the balance, I created 16 cards. I recently came across the cache of cards while organizing papers. Since I haven’t posted much lately, I decided to share my “creations.” It also occured to me that my siblings probably never saw any of these cards as they had been given to Mom.

No way was life at our house BORING! The picture is of our blended family circa 1968 standing in the kitchen of Goebel Road. I love how I’m struggling to see over Dean’s Mr. Magic hat! Wish I knew what the occasion was for the photo-op. Jeanne, Kathy, and Laura (all on the right) look pretty somber… and then… there’s me! Goofy!!

This picture has become a CLASSIC. When I was in 2nd grade (1961-62) we were scheduled to visit the Admiral Jack show. First: I forgot we supposed to go and went to my Brownie meeting instead of going home on the bus. Boy, was Mom mad that she had to drive to school and get me before driving us to downtown New Haven for the show. Second: I got to sing “Open Up Your Heart (And Let the Sun Shine In)” on air!!! It was featured on the Flintstones TV show, sung by Pebbles. No idea why Admiral Jack chose that particular song, but I’m pretty sure I nailed it. Third (and this is the best part): Mom hung this photo on the wall of the stairwell leading down to the basement. One day my best friend Doreen came over. We were heading down the stairs when Doreen lost her footing and almost fell down the flight of 13 steps. She had gotten a good look at the expression on my face and just lost it, laughing. We now refer to this type of facial expression as an “Admiral Jack Smile.”

One of the first crafts shows I remember attending with Mom – outside of the Miller Memorial Library in Hamden, CT

Yup – That’s me. Japan, February 1955. Next to me is Dopey, holding my binky. Maybe if someone had put the binky IN my mouth, I’d quit the crying. (Something I apparently did for the next nine months or so… )

I’ll end this post with one of all time favorite family pictures – and – did you notice it’s quite timely as well?

Standing in front of what looks to be a “Charlie Brown Christmas Tree” we are all in our holiday finery. Oh, wait. Maybe we just all came home from school. And who poses a group shot around a toy ironng board?

Don’t be fooled by Dean’s jacket and bowtie. He’s not “dresssed up with nowhere to go.” At three years old he already had a fine grasp on fashion. That’s what he wore on a daily basis. Hmm – looks like he might have had a grasp on something else as well!

I hope you enjoyed this little foray into my family. I hope to post the rest of the cards over the next few days.

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