Wordless Wednesday (NOT!)

There’s just no way I can do a “Wordless Wednesday” post correctly. I always have to say something! (Maybe that’s why the schoolbus driver put tape on my mouth back when I was 7 or 8.) Anyway, a few days ago Thomas MacEntee of Abundant Genealogy posted on his Genealogy Bargains Facebook page about the Paint-By-Number craze of a few decades ago. Since I’m procrastingating writing (it’s a tough chapter – my grandfather’s incarcerations in two concentration camps) I thought you might enjoy seeing how I kept busy in the 70s.

I still have most of these. (You’re not surprised, right?) Thanks to the good folks at Maxwell Drugs, where I worked during my high school and college years, I had a ready supply. Enjoy!!

I included the “Paint on Wood” catalog page because, sadly, I have no pictures of my “Early American” works. The “Little Boy” painting has an interesting history. First, I painted this in honor of my brother Dean Falcone – the only boy in the household. Poor kid had to deal with four, not always kind, older sisters). As I toiled away on that particular work of art, I messed up the ear section really badly. I wrote to the company and they actually sent me a tissue paper copy of the area so I could repair the damage!

I had heard there was an interest in collecting these paintings by interior decorators and others so I checked out eBay.

Too bad “The Wolfman” didn’t appeal to me 50 years ago – I could have made a killing on it now! I found only one painting that matched mine. (I didn’t search long though.) It was a sold listing for one of the Bluebird paintings. $41 bucks! Not too shabby. I probably could get more since I have a matching pair!!

What hobbies did you have as a kid? Are they no longer in fashion or experiencing a resurgence as paint-by-number painting is?

One thought on “Wordless Wednesday (NOT!)

  1. Paint by number making a comeback these days. In short supply actually I found out when searching for one for an older cousin. And do you remember Venus Paradise pencil kits…color by number! TY for fun memories.


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