Day 13 – The Food of Our Family – Part Three: Kitchen Memories

Today’s activity for the 21 Day Family History Connection Experiment is to explore the US Census. In 2032, the first census listing my family home will be available – the one for 1960. (Census information is not released publicly until 72 years following the census year.) Hope I’ll be around to view it. I almost certainly will not be around to view the last census to list our family residence. That census will come out in 2082. I’ll be 127.

My girls will be 97 and 93 in 2082, so most likely they won’t be spending their twilight years perusing the 2010 Census. But, if any of my grandchildren chose to carry on my genealogy work, they will discover that members of our family lived at the same address for more than 50 years. (60 to be exact but since the house sold in 2019 it won’t be recorded on the 2020 census.)

There. How’s that for a good segue to what I really want to share today: Kitchen Memories.

In my last post I wrote about the family cookbook we created in 2010. So many of our family memories happened either in the kitchen or during family meals. We included a few in the cookbook.

“Rodney” was the dog, by the way. Not a sibling!

Rather than repeating myself, I’ll direct you to a post I wrote in 2018 as part of Amy Johnson Crow’s 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge. In that post, (DON’T) INVITE US TO DINNER – WHY OUR MOTHER NEVER ATE WITH US—AND YOU WOULDN’T EITHER! I wrote in detail about what life was like in our family kitchen!

Go read that (unless you already did because I may have inadvertently posted it while updating!) and then give thanks that we weren’t your children!!

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