Day 7 – Strong Genes!!

The activity for today’s Family History Connection Experiment is to use the website to find photos that look similar to me or other members of my family tree. That would be a fun project if:

  1. I had a completed tree on the website
  2. I had photos attached to the people that I do have on the site.

The directions are pretty simple: Visit Compare-a-Face and sign in to your account. Give everyone in your family an opportunity to take a picture and compare their face with his or her ancestors. 

But, the problem is you need to have a fairly filled out tree, with photographs to enjoy this activity. If that’s you – go for it!

Since I don’t (at some point, I will add to the tree…) I’m going to post pics of family “doppelgangers.”

The strongest set of genes I’ve found is my mom (Doris Lichtenthal Falcone), her mom (Rose Spiegel Lichtenthal) and her mom (Sophie Weiss Spiegel.)

The resemblance is more evident in their childhood photos.

Looking at that picture of my mother (far left) it seemed very familar. I realized I’ve seen that very same look before. I couldn’t find a picture, but if you have spent any time with my granddaughter, Paisley and have had the good fortune to aggravate her (as I have, numerous times!) you would have received that EXACT SAME look!!

Another strong resemblance is shared by Al Falcone and his son, Mark. The pictures below don’t really make a strong case, but trust me, at some point in their lives, the two looked quite similar.

I could do this all day… there are so many more resemblances in our family. I challenge you, family, to find more examples and send them to me!! The same challenge goes out to the rest of you – sort through your photos and look for the doppelgangers in your family!

One thought on “Day 7 – Strong Genes!!

  1. When I first saw that pic of Alfie I thought it was Mark… strong genes there… Your mother received and gave very strong genes… Love and miss them both.


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