Day 5 – Recreate a Favorite Photo

The activity for today’s Family History Connection Experiment challenges us to recreate a family photo. I wish we had thought to make an adult version of my favorite sibling photo while we still owned our childhood home!! (Note to sibs – we can still do it. Once we are out of “Covid-Jail,” let’s remember to do that the next time we are all together!)

Since we are all quarantined at the moment, recreating family photos is a bit difficult. Instead, I have decided to use the colorizing tool at the My Heritage website to “update” some family photos.

Kitchen – maybe 1967?
We don’t have too many pictures of Scott as a little boy.
Here he is with big brother John – maybe 1953?
This fabulous picture of Joseph Spiegel and his family was taken in Iasi, Romania in 1903. Thank you to Sandy Klapper (Rose Marcovici’s daughter-in-law) for sharing it with me.

Joseph’s son, Herman Spiegel (my great-grandfather) is missing from the group above. He and his family were living in Semarang, Java (Indonesia) at the time. The picture is good example of what I posted about yesterday – adding names to group photos.

I could spend all day colorizing photos on My Heritage. It’s free to do so. If you aren’t a member of the site there will be a “watermark” placed on your photo and you may be limited to how many photos you can colorize. I’d say that’s a small price to pay for One-Click colorizing!!! Have fun!

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