RootsTech 2020 – Day 4 – The Evening Entertainment

Despite being tired, Cheryl agreed to go with me to see the comedy of Ryan Hamilton. We had some fun on the way, pinning our “homeland” on the world map.

We had never heard of Ryan Hamilton before (and as he said in his monologue no one else has either!) I thought he was humorous. It’s just refreshing to listen to somebody be funny without resorting to being vulgar.

There was quite the crowd of people getting ready for the festivities planned for the Young Adult night. We looked in on some of those – dances of ancestral homelands, games ancestors played and – an escape room?? Time to head back.

We walked back to the hotel against the hordes of people coming from the Utah Jazz game. The plan was to relax in the hot tub but there were too many there our liking. We needed to go to sleep early anyway since we had one last session to attend in the morning – at 8 am!

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