12 Treasures I Can See From My Couch!

The prompt for this week’s 52 Ancestors blog challenge is 12. The most obvious thing would be for me to write about my 12 siblings but I think I’ve covered that fairly well in the past!!

So, in keeping with my own challenge this year to document Our Stuff, let me share some treasures with you.

Scott always teases about never getting off my couch. My response is point out how productive I am from that spot. I’ve written innumerable blog posts and several books, paid the bills, and even do enough “real” work to pay for our travel excursions!!!

Today, I’ll share with you what I can see from this vantage point.

1. I absolutely love this Family Tree! It’s actually a set of repositional stickers I bought on Amazon!!
2. One of the gorgeous waterfalls we visited during our trip to Iceland.
3. The view from Scott’s family cabin in Baddeck, Nova Scotia. So sad that this property is no longer in the family, but at least we have this lovely painting as a remembrance.
4. A couple pieces that belonged to my maternal great-grandparents. We don’t know much about the pieces, but Paisley loves playing “tea” with them!! That’s a photo of Scott’s Dad and stepmom in the background.
5. Rosa and Sigmund Lichtenthal are my great-grandparents. They are my my mother’s paternal grandparents. I’ll be writing their story soon. After losing everything to the Nazis in 1938 (Vienna,) Sigmund spent the remainder of his life attempting to obtain reparations.
6. A happiness-inducing collection of family photos
7. A really nice wooden bowl which should be full of volcanic rocks from the black beaches of Vik, Iceland. Paisley, where did you stash those rocks???
8. Two really nice vases by pottery artist Richard Foye. I bought the large one and my mother bought the small one at a craft show we attended. The pottery is glazed then baked underground! If I remember correctly, it’s a Japanese method.


9. “Is that the Braque?” Why, yes. Yes, it is. This print by Georges Braque hung at the bottom of our basement stairs for years. It’s a small bone of contention between my sister, Jeanne and myself. Don’t worry, Jeanne. If you still want it when I’m tired of looking at it, I’ve got your name on it!!
10. The Toy Pile – Ready for little ones to come visit!
11. Technically this isn’t in my view. It’s actually in the cabinet. But I know it’s there!! My Mom gave me this lasagne dish for Mother’s Day in 1987. It has no monetary value but means the world to me!!
12. The bane of Scott’s existence! My couch, laptop, and the glass table Meghan gave me. If you think I’ve been productive up to now, just wait!!! More projects on the horizon!!

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