Rootstech Report #3 – WordPress vs Blogger

Note: This post is more “techie” than genealogy-based, so feel free to stop reading if the topic doesn’t interest you. I wont be offended. (Because I won’t even know!!)

One of my goals for this past week was learn about the WordPress blogging platform. I registered for a WordPress account FIVE years ago when I realized that it was kind of tough to use Blogger on my phone. But I really couldn’t get my head around and did nothing about it. I’ve used Blogger since 2013 and have been pretty satisfied.

But, a couple years ago I couldn’t blog at all during our trip to Iceland!! I realized later that was because Blogger couldn’t be used on an IPad.

Lately I have become more and frustrated when attempting to manipulate graphics on Blogger. So, I decided to give WordPress another shot.

On Tuesday, I spent quite a bit of time with the folks at the WordPress booth.

Wednesday, I attended the WordPress presentation given by Dennis Snell.

That was something you don’t see/hear everyday- a software developer who was actually easy to understand! He also has a great sense of humor!!

Dennis and his associates helped me set up my new WordPress site and import all my posts from Blogger. Since I’ve been a good girl and really worked hard the past year to post frequently. (Thanks to the inspirational Amy Johnson Crow), that was a lot of posts- going back to August 2013!!

The import went super smoothly but it was a little tricky to import my header. They performed some CSS (custom style sheet) magic and got it to go – sort of.

I figured I’d continue to work on it when I got home. I chose a WordPress plan with chat support. According to the folks at the WordPress booth, live support is available 24/7 from Monday through Friday, with email support over the weekend. I’m sure I’ll be taking advantage of that!!

But… we decided to stay in Salt Lake City an extra day to avoid driving home in the heavy, wet snow expected to hit Hartford, CT a few hours before our arrival.

Back in my hotel room later that I finessed the header and chose the layout and colors I wanted. Cheryl was my style editor, helping me choose the best color combos.

Oh! I forgot to mention that I helped Cheryl create her first blog before working on mine. For now, she’s keeping it private until she gets more comfortable with the process.

So, what do you think? I started to create this post using the WordPress app on my phone. After writing a few paragraphs I chose “save as draft” but since I’m currently thousands of miles high somewhere between SLC and Chicago, I got an error message about being unable to save.

I’m playing it safe and copied the draft to the Notes app on my phone so I could keep writing.

I’ll finish up while we hang out at Midway in Chicago.

I almost forgot to share the best part! This story is your reward if you decided to keep reading…

Last year, at RootsTech 2018, Cheryl discovered there were blogger beads. (Bloggers wear these to tell other people that they blog. It’s also a way to find other bloggers that you can chat with.) She made it her quest to try to get me some, but it was futile! This year she was determined to be successful, but again it didn’t look like it was going to happen!

I don’t consider myself in the same leagues as those big-name bloggers so I was fine to let it go. But not Cheryl! She kept her eyes open. But we really didn’t see any action on the blogger beads scene this year.

While I was working with Dennis and three of his colleagues at the WordPress booth, the nationally-known genealogy blogger, DearMyrtle, came up on her scooter. She needed to talk to somebody about her blog. I introduced myself as a “newbie blogger” and happily offered her my spot since I had a lot of time. But lovely woman that she is, she insisted I stay where I was and she went on her merry way, saying she’d come back later.

Within a few minutes, a woman came up to me, said, “DearMyrt wants you to have these” and handed me this year’s blogger beads!!! Thanks, DearMrytle! You made Cheryl’s (and my) day!!

You can see the purple and gold blogger beads in this goofy photo!

Well, that’s the story. I’m now sitting at a table in Chicago-Midway finishing this post.

Here is my perspective:

  • Really easy to type post using Phone
  • Even easier to voice dictate!
  • Really easy to insert pictures from my phone. To be fair to Blogger I haven’t tried to do any layout stuff, such as move pics around on my phone yet.
  • Super easy to hyperlink text
  • I like the shorter, custom domain name I now have through WordPress

What do you think? If you are reading this on myWordPress site I’d like to know. For now I’m leaving my Blogger site open and will post to both.

If you like the WordPress style you can “voice” your approval by following or subscribing!!!

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