52 Ancestors – Week #49 – Winter!!!!!

Last week’s 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks blog prompt was “Winter.” Enjoy this TBT (Throwback Thursday) collection of some “winter gems.”

Above is the backyard of my childhood home. Probably mid-1960s. You can’t even see the houses anymore due to tree growth!

The photo below is one of my favorites! Little sister, Betsy is definitely enjoying herself. Brother Dean – not so much!! In December 1964 he was only two months old!!!  By the way, the “Cannonball Express” was purchased at the Hamden Firestone store. That’s where my Mom met Alfie! Doesn’t the train look great? Now fast forward a few years. That thing stayed outside 24/7 and turned to rust!
Below – later that winter – March 1965. Hanging out with the neighborhood kids. And people say I don’t go outside!! That’s me, right behind Betsy, wearing the light blue jacket. I just turned 10 the month before.
My sister Kathy wanted to learn to ski – she got skis for Christmas 1966 (found that out while organizing another folder!) Wonder how that worked out?
The picture below was taken in April 1968! That’s New England for you!! Look, I’m outside again! Thanks to my sister Jeanne for shoveling! I wouldn’t have wanted to ruin those fashionable gloves!
And below is proof is that I don’t hate dogs (all the time… ) I’m posing with our crazy mutt, Rodney – March 1970. 

Here are few more recent pics of Winter in Connecticut.
A brutal storm in 2010 caused this Larch tree to topple. It had been a fixture in
the front yard of my Mom’s house for 51 years.

The record-breaking storm in January 2011 was enjoyed by
Scott and our first “grandson”, Hudson who was visiting from
This is what I was treated to on my birthday in February 2013. I would have gone outside, 
but I think the snow was up to my neck!!

With a little luck, maybe we won’t see too much of this guy this winter.

And… finally… if Scott had his way (along with a crapload of money) here’s where HE would be spending this upcoming winter:

Hotel El Ganzo – San Jose’ del Cabo, Mexico
Hmm….maybe he’s got the right idea?????

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