52 Ancestors – #44- Halloween in "Paradise Hills"

I am jumping ahead a few weeks so that this post appears on Halloween. Much more timely than staying in order and posting this during the week of Thanksgiving!! (I’m a bit behind on posts for Amy Johnson Crow’s 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks blog challenge!)

I thought you might enjoy seeing a few of my favorite Halloween photos from years past. The first photo was taken Halloween afternoon, 1965 in Paula’s Goddard’s yard. Our little suburban neighborhood was called “Paradise Hills.” It probably should have been called “Peyton Place”, but that’s a subject for another day! (Sorry to you “young ‘uns” who have no idea what I am talking about.)

I wish I knew who all these kids are! I’m the “Wishnik” (troll) on the far right.
The woman on the left was our Brownie leader, Mrs. Civitello

Year unknown, but I’m pretty sure that is my sister, Jeanne disguised as “Cousin It.”

Slightly blurry shot of the neighbor kids. 1969
I’m the “old lady” on the left in the back row. To my right is Jackie Mendillo.
Sister Betsy is the witch. The boys in the front are Bobby Silver and my brother, Dean.

1960-Something. Bobby Silver and brother, Dean. That’s Philip Lendroth behind Dean. Hobos were big that year!!
1972- You might think this was a Halloween pic, but it probably was just another day in the life of Dean Falcone!

This isn’t a Halloween picture, but it’s one of my favorite sibling pics!!!
Our grandparents brought these costumes back from their trip to Hawaii.
Left-to-right: Jeanne, me, Kathy
Probably 1964ish
Hope you enjoyed these! Growing up, Halloween and St. Patrick’s Day were my favorite holidays. Since I’m not Irish anymore (Thanks, DNA!!) guess that leaves me with Halloween!!

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