52 Ancestors – #19 – Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a time for children to show their moms how much they are loved. I’m pretty sure that was the motivation behind this “lovely” masterpiece I gave to my mother. And moms show their love by displaying these masterpieces as if they were the Mona Lisa – no matter how sad the artwork is. OK – maybe not in a museum, but displayed, nevertheless. That must be why my mother had this framed expression of my love for her hanging in her home for over 40 years!

I’m not sure when I created this masterpiece,
but I’m figuring somewhere in the mid-1960s.

For this week’s 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge, I will be documenting some of my own Mother’s Days memories.

I became a mom on April 10, 1985. I wanted to post a picture of my first Mother’s Day, but I couldn’t find one! That’s probably because Caitlin was only 4 weeks old at the time. I wouldn’t rejoin the “living” until June when I finally gave up on being Mother Earth and began bottle-feeding. It’s amazing how much more pleasant a baby is when she’s not starving!
On September 6, 1989, I became a mom for the second time with the birth of our daughter, Meghan. With our family complete, I settled in for a lifetime of Mother’s Days. Here are some of my treasures from past Mother’s Days. (In no particular order!)

I cherish the notes the girls include in my cards. I wish I had put a date on this one that Caitlin wrote.

Meghan gave me the “Leave It ToBeaver” card in 2007. The theme song from the TV show plays when you open it!

Unfortunately, undated, Caitlin made a little booklet for one Mother’s Day.

The last page of the booklet sent me off to find my gift.

Caitlin had created several pages in her album as an “Ode to Mom”, including pictures over a period of time.

In 1998, Meghan had me declared “Time Mother of the Year! Apparently, I still cleaned house back then. Thankfully, Scott has taken over that task since his retirement!! My friend Carolyn and I were selling personalized cartoon “pichures” at craft shows at the time.

Caitlin definitely has inherited my penchant for sarcasm and caustic humor.

In 2008, Meghan gave me this painting she created as part of a class she was taking in college.

It hangs in my bathroom, over the toilet. That is in no way a commentary on the artwork – really! Now that I think of it, my mother hung my gift in her bathroom as well!! Hmmmm….

Mother’s Day 2014 was pretty special. I celebrated being a new grandmother! Jack was born just before the holiday on May 13. In fact, this year, 2018, his birthday is on  Mother’s Day!

I am now a grandmother of four fabulous grandchildren. Jack has since been joined by Paisley (2015), Abe (2017), and our newest little grandson, Logan who was born just three weeks ago on April 20.

Happy Mother’s Day to all! 

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