Rootstech 2018 – Day Two – I Thought I was Tired YESTERDAY!!

So Day Two is in the books – or it will be after I write this blog. I thought I was tired yesterday. I was – but not as tired as I am today!

Diane Hirsch (right)

We decided to forgo this morning’s speaker, Brandon Stanton, author of Humans of New York, as we can watch later on the web. Instead we decided to  go to the Family History Library. In the lobby of our hotel, we chatted with Diane Hirsch of My Video Life Story. Diane is an Emmy-award winning producer who creates video biographies.

Within 20 minutes of our arrival at the library, Cheryl got a call from the Coaches Corner. Someone didn’t show up for their appointment creating an opening for a consultation. She ran back to the conference and I stayed at the FHL. I’ll leave it to Cheryl to share the story of what the coach helped her discover – it’s a whopper! A lovely woman helped me devise a plan for finding answers to some nagging questions I still have about the research I’m doing on Scott’s great-grandmother, Catherine Seeley FitzAllen. She also wants to buy the book – if I ever finish it!!

Andrew Lee interviewing Amy Johnson Crow

After returning to the conference, we visited a few more booths in the Expo Hall and then went to our first presentation of the day. I was hoping to get a better understanding of this certain topic, but between the hot room and the dry talk, I really lost focus. (I’m not identifying the speaker here because I always think “Maybe it’s me, not them.” It’s not the speaker’s fault if I can’t process auditory information!)

Honestly, I just couldn’t sit and listen at that point (maybe jet lag kicked in?), so we decided to spend the rest of the day doing “meet and greets” in the Expo Hall. That was fun!!

I met Amy Johnson Crow at the Family History Fanatics booth, where Thomas MacEntee was resting his tired bones. It was fun to see him again! At that same booth, I met Dave Robison of Old Bones Genealogy of New England. Dave is also President of the Connecticut Society of Genealogists and the Western Massachusetts Genealogical Society. And he is funny. We had a great chat about the benefits of offering webinars to our society members. I learned about a new technology for taking and sharing family stories – JoyFlips. It’s FREE!!!!! Their vision statement says, 

Storytelling is something we do best together. When we gather around family photos we naturally want to reminisce and share stories. With JoyFLIPS, family stories can now easily be told, recorded and shared from nearly anywhere at any time.

I really like the way you can add audio to a picture, upload photos from anywhere, create and share albums with people. Kind of like Photostream but with more options. Of course I downloaded the app (FREE! Why not try it, right?) I’ll let you all know how I like it after I play a bit.

Before leaving the Expo, we took photos of ourselves in various places around the world.

I’m in Austria!!!!

We’re in Salt Lake City!!

Then it was off to dinner at Michaelangelo’s. We wrapped up the night watching a reshearsal of the the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Rehearsing a song from The Sound of Music

 Off to get some much needed rest – full day again tomorrow!

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