So I’m NOT Irish – A Follow-up

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post, I’m sharing the results of my DNA test.

I tested with FamilyTreeDNA way back in 2014. At that point, I was 100% Jewish. Their algorithms have become more refined since then, so now I’m only 98%!! 
Notice the big blue bubble over Europe? I used a red arrow to point it out in case it’s not clear that ALL my DNA originates from that area of the world.
Just to be completely sure you understand that I am NOT IRISH, I placed the “NO” symbol over what, sadly, is the country I no longer can claim as part of my heritage. (Yes – I know the shape is over the entire UK as well. It’s funnier when the symbol is so huge!)
Guess there will be no more jokes about me being a leprechaun. Yes, I may have blue eyes, freckles, and fair skin. And, yes, I’m only 4′ 9″ tall. But – NOT IRISH!!! Wonder what sort of tiny creatures they had back in olden Europe. 
So – a negative result regarding what I thought was my heritage. However, the test results may help me break through a long-standing brick wall. I uncovered a clue to the origin of my 5th Great-Grandfather, Moshe Jacob Samuel on the Synagogue Scribes website, which may mean he came from a place called. Aachen. Aachen is a town in Germany. It seems likely that he may have traveled from Germany (by 1795 when his son Lazarus was born) to settle in England. At least it’s a crack in the wall I can now explore.
Here’s the other problem:
I have 13,145 potential matches. Yeah – not dealing with that. Too overwhelming. I know the system works though because my sister Jeanne tested with FTDNA as well. But, other than her, I really can’t figure out the best way to determine which matches I should follow-up. It’s been explained to me many, many times. I’m the same with cell phone plans and health insurance policies –  just can’t get my head around it. 
I’ll be taking viewing a webinar on how to use the GedMatch website later today. I’ll let you know if I’m any closer to understanding!

One thought on “So I’m NOT Irish – A Follow-up

  1. Hi Deborah, Best of luck! I found one of my grandparents stopped in the UK on his way from Lithuania to North America, stayed with cousins there for a couple of years (to learn the language and earn more money) and then moved on. Looking forward to following along on your journey of discovery!


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