Memento Monday – My Great-Grandfather’s Juice Goblet

I really don’t know much about this object. There are actually two of these goblets. Unfortunately, the glass insert for the other one broke. (So why am I keeping it??) Although the goblet appears to be made of silver, it is actually silver-plated, maybe over brass, as it is very heavy. Thanks to my husband, this heirloom, and several others are kept well- polished.

My mother told me this belonged to her paternal grandfather, Sigmund Lichtenthal. Mom said he drank his orange juice from it every day. My guess is that it dates from the early 1900s. Certainly, it was by the 1930s, as that was when my mother would have observed her grandfather having breakfast in their home in Vienna.

There are only a few days left in Family History Month. Don’t forget to record a few stories about your important heirlooms.

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