Fun Fact Friday

Here are some fun family facts!

  • Today would have been the 142nd birthday of my great-grandfather, Sigmund Lichtenthal.
  • The most common surname in my RootsMagic genealogy software is SAMUEL, with 59 people. The earliest occurrence of the SAMUEL surname is in 1789.
  • There are 1001 people in my database.
  • The oldest person in my database died at age 105. Joseph Spiegel, my two times great-grandfather, was born in Poland in 1803. He died in Iasi, Romania in 1908.
  • The average age of death for people in my database is 66.98 (That’s a bit concerning!!)
  • The average marriages per person are 1.05. The maximum marriages any person had is 4. (Care to guess who that was??)
  • I am related (sort of) to Albert Einstein.

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