Carrying On a Family Tradition – Peach and Plum Cake

Almost every year from 1963 through 2011, my mother made our fall favorite: Peach and Plum cakes. There were two versions – one rectangular, with a thin crust. The other, made in a springform pan with a thicker crust. I’m a thicker crust kind of girl.

The images to the left and right are from Mom’s cookbook. She added the date every year when she made our cakes. Some years, grandchildren helped her and their names are included with the dates.

The photo above shows a half-eaten thin crust. Those are my hands!! This was probably taken sometime in the 90s.
Mom passed away in 2011, but the tradition continues. This year, my youngest daughter, my niece and my granddaughter ( the fourth generation!)  carried on “Omi’s Legacy.” Amazing to think these cakes have been baked in that very same kitchen for 54 years!
I thought about cropping myself out of this but

What “foodie” family traditions are observed in your family? Have you documented the stories behind them?

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