Mom 2.0 – Mother’s Day 2015

It seems appropriate on this Mothers Day of 2015 to reflect on how many changes there have been in my life since Mother’s Day 2014. 
First, and most sadly, we lost my husband’s sister, Margaret “Peggy” Ross on May 11, 2014. As her beautiful soul left this earth, another came. Our first grandchild, Jack Winchester Hardy, was born on May 13, 2014. 

Yesterday we celebrated Jack’s first year of life. A beautiful, active, funny, and strong-willed child, Jack brings back memories of the struggles and triumphs Scott and I experienced while raising his mother. Later today, we will enjoy a Mother’s Day brunch in Jamestown, Colorado. I’m sure this will evoke memories of the many Mother’s Days past. 
Scott’s family suffered two more losses after Peggy’s passing – his oldest brother, Bill, on Memorial Day, and most recently, his stepmother, Dorothy, on March 5, 2015.  
I retired from full-time teaching in June, which has allowed me to be more present in Jack’s life. As he lives 2000 miles away, it has been wonderful to just “up and go” several times in the last year. I like to think my presence during the first  weeks of his life somewhat contributed to the fact he is still here to celebrate his first year. There were some tough times! Looking back on my first months as a grandmother, I recall lots of tears (mine and my daughter’s), many phone calls and the ever-present wish to “make it better.” This weekend, I am enjoying the fruits of the struggle. Jack is a wonderful little man. 
On October 11, Meghan ddçxccbmarried Andrew Jefts. Even though my mother wasn’t there physically (She passed away Dec. 2, 2011), her presence wasthe pail t x. Bb   Optic ewe

6 hours later:

Did you enjoy reading the previous sentence? That “babble” was courtesy of Jack, as I allowed him to “discover” the touchscreen of my iPad. I’m now laying with him as he naps (hopefully for at least an hour) as I finish this post.

As I was saying, on October 11, Meghan married Andrew Jefts. Even though my mother wasn’t there physically, her presence was felt. It was a wonderful “mother milestone.” Both of our girls are happily married and creating their own families, adding to the blossoms of the fabulous moms that have bloomed on all the branches of our family tree.
Almost all of the matriarchs of the earlier generation have left us. But new souls are arriving! Our younger daughter, Meghan and her husband, Andy are expecting “Baby J” in October.

It’s an interesting stage of life – Mom2.0. Building on the success of the past year, I feel confident that all my missteps as a mom will be dimished as I become the newest Omi in the family. 

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