Last year, I participated in the blog challenge “52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks.” posed by Amy Johnson Crow ( The idea was to post about an ancestor every week. I took up the challenge for two reasons: to share some of the research I had gathered over the past few years and to help me concentrate on one person at a time.

I made it to week 18 then lost my focus when my grandson (and summer) arrived. So, I’m trying again this year! In addition, I am participating in the Genealogy Do-Over ( organized by Thomas MacEntee.

The “Do-Over” is a 13 week “program” with tasks designed to help participants develop a “firm foundation in genealogy and family history research skill building.” For those of us who began our “genealogical journey” years ago, this is a great opportunity to review our past work and ensure we are using “best practices.” I hope to improve my skills in the areas of citing sources, keeping better records of my searches, cleaning up my digital files and verifying my research is accurate.

Let’s see how 2015 plays out!!

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