Peter Klauss Schuster

Peter Klauss Schuster was born on 11 Nov 1929 in Prague, Czechoslovakia. He was the only child of Felix Schuster and the former Claire Theresa Spiegel.
Peter was my first cousin, once removed. He was like a brother to my mom, who was an only child like Peter. Peter and his parents lived in Prague but I always got the feeling that they spent a good deal of time in Vienna, visiting their relatives.

Peter – April 12, 1932
Peter (right) and his cousin, Doris (Left)
Approx. 1935

At the beach – undated – location unknown
At some point, his parents divorced. Peter immigrated to the United States, traveling alone at age 18. The ship manifest states his intended destination was New Rochelle, NY. The address on the manifest was 30 Eastchester Road, where his mother’s sister Rose was living with her family. His mother, Claire had also moved to the United States, giving the same address. Doris and her family had fled Austria in 1938, after her father’s business had been stolen by the Nazis and he had been imprisoned in two concentration camps. 
By 1951 both Peter and his mother were living in the Midwest, perhaps Illinois. Peter worked in some type of chemical field and was making a good income.

Peter and his mother Claire – undated
Eventually Peter moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina to continue his work. His mother followed, settling permanently in the South American city.
Peter (now referred to as Pedro) married Maria Cristina Zanghellini Guevara and had three children; a son and twin girls. As they are living, l will protect their privacy by not posting their names.
In the 1980’s Peter’s son came to the United States to attend college and improve his English. It was a wonderful opportunity to get to know my second cousin. It was also a way for my mother to stay close to her beloved cousin Peter.
I didn’t know Peter very well but I always enjoyed the few times he came to visit. He always struck me as a “ladies man” – quite charming, funny, and a handsome guy. He even attended my wedding in May of 1983 – winning the prize as the guest who traveled the farthest.

The Schust
ers visit Connecticut – sometime in the late 1980s
On July 4, 2008, Peter died from bone cancer that had spread throughout his body. Rest in Peace, Peter. I hope you and my mom are having a blast hanging out together!!!

Peter’s son was kind enough to send me this photo following his burial in 2008.

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